Staying's Not An Option

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Sooner or later all life ends.
Stayings not an Option - Free Postage


1/ Am I drowning, cause I think I can see my life passing by
Am I drowning, cause things I thought were gone I see in my minds eye

No matter what I know I know this
With all life has to give and all I want to live
Staying's not an option
Staying's not an option

2/ Am I dying
Though I know my time on earth is not yet through
Am I dying
Even though I may have so much more to do

+ Bridge
Still I wonder if all great things that I see
Mean as much to everyone as well as me
I know my time will come
Then I know what will be done
And staying's not an option
Staying's not an option.

3/ Am I old now
Though I've travelled in my life without moving
Am I old now
I've aged so much by simply turning round.
Refrain + Bridge

George L. Goodfellow
All rights reserved
Release date:  
July 1, 2008