About The GLG Band

The GLG Band are borne from many coincidences. First of all George L. Goodfellow, as a songwriter, joined the Tennessee Songwriters Association in America. Soon after an article about George was printed in their magazine, he was contacted by an exiled Scotsman, Jim Mcparland who asked George to collaborate with him on some of his lyrics.

This collaboration resulted in “No Swingin’ Doors” and “She’s Not You”. Jim then told George that he knew some people who could produce the tracks for them – enter Steve Patrick from Bristol, Tennessee.

After hearing the finished tracks george was stunned!, they were powerfully produced by some of the best musicians George had ever heard. When George was in the States he asked Steve to work on some of his own songs. With some help from George Goode (nearly the same name) who arranged the tracks as well as playing rhythm guitar, keyboards and drums, also lead guitarist Garry Johnstone and Kevin Jackson on fiddle – all from Bristol, Tennessee.

With the finishing touches added, helped by David Little from Sound Station, Galashiels, Scotland the album “A Box Full of Memories” was produced.
As George said “what really spooked me out was when i read an article a few weeks later, about how the Carter Family and Jimmy Rodgers had travelled to Bristol, Tennessee in 1927 to enter a competition to win a hundred dollars and in effect started what we know today as Country Music” – he was lost for words!!! (a rare thing indeed).

As George says “i just couldn’t believe that I, by coincidence or fate (in his early days George was in a group called Nemesis who just happens to be the goddess of fate) was playing with musicians who came from and recorded in the same town that The Carter Family had started from.

Back in the sixties i was the only one i knew that played the Carter Family’s records. I loved them and learned many of their songs, so it seems fitting that the musicians on this album all come from the place where The Carter Family started out – the birthplace of Country Music”.

The GLG Band are still producing personal, authentic Country Music with hard hitting messages and tunes that seem to stick in your head forever.

Since the discovery of the internet I have been lucky enough to have had hundreds of radio plays from around the world with a number one in South Carolina and album of the week in Belgium and Holland.

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